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Join us for fun - Downtown Harrodsburg - March 16th & 17th.


Shamrock Shuffle

Grab your friends and hit the streets of Harrodsburg and visit the participating locations to be entered into a giveaway for a gift basket valued at over $500! While we encourage you to grab a drink or a bite to eat at the locations, you must only visit the locations and get your card hole punched to be eligible for the gift basket. Learn more here SHAMROCK SHUFFLE

Limerick Contest 8pm Saturday

What is a limerick? Structurally and technically a limerick is a five-line poem that follows a strick rhyme schedme of AABBA. Limericks often use word play, puns, double entendre, eccentric spelling, or other witty features. Loosely: a limerick is an oral form, often naughty and bawdy, racy and raunchy, witty and wild, but not too crude or lewd. 


We will have our contest at 8pm during our music break.  All contestants will read their limericks then a winner will be chosen by audience clap!  Winner receives a $25 gift card to The Vault.

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Green Beard Contest 

Do you have the luck of the Irish? Come on down March 17th and 18th and show us your green beards. Beards will be judged on creativity- they don't have to be real (or only on men)...they just need to be green.

Come to The Vault Friday & Saturday with your green beards & we will take your picture to post on our Facebook where followers can vote through Sunday at 8pm. Winner will have the most likes on their Facebook photo on The Vault's Facebook page. Winner receives a $25 gift card to The Vault.

Food and Drink
Weekend Specials

Dublin Coddle (with crusty bread) 

St. Patricks Day Themed Drink Specials All Weekend 

Green & Traditional Bloody Mary's 

Green Cider and Beer 


Saturday OPEN EARLY: 10:30am Kegs & Eggs 

Follow our Instagram & Facebook for all of our Drink Specials 

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Local Favorite LBP Country Music 7-10:30pm inside at The Vault.


Check out their website here LBP COUNTRY MUSIC

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